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10 Secrets behind Bill Gate’s success.

BillGatesMediaCenterThere are very few classes of people in this world not aware of Information Technology giant Bill Gates and Microsoft.His brave move years back to expand his business and spread all over the world has revolutionized technologies and computers further providing employment to millions of people in some way or other. It has been a subject of discussion for other techies and aspiring rich people to crack the code behind the success of Bill Gates.
But no one had to wait for too long or spy over him to know his secrets. In the book “The Bill Gates Way” written by Des Dearlove 10 secrets behind the success of Bill Gates are revealed.
  1. To be at the right place at the right time.
  2. Love technology.
  3. Not to be a prisoner of your own thoughts.
  4. Select smart people to do your job.
  5. Surviving in tough times and conditions.
  6. Do not expect appreciation.
  7. Do not let your eyes from your goals.
  8. Build your business and expand but keep terminology simple.
  9. Try and accumulate different fields of area in you business.
  10. Have a clear vision about your dreams.
Ten points mentioned above are now proving to be commandments for many professionals and they are not limited to Information Technology but they have a vast area of application and implementation. Bill Gates at one time dropout from the university was able to calculate the needs of the world in future and with his visionary thoughts and movements became father of the computer revolution.
While this has been able to create wonders and survive tough competition and criticism over times he had been simple and down to earth in his approach and behavior. He was accused by competitors and critics for dominating the market and making it difficult for other vendors and most of his time lately had passed fighting and stabilizing his business but he still remains as one of the highly promising employer and recession heat will not be able to eat him.
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Yumesh Pulami

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This is great that you are sharing some great news to us.Story of big people gives us inspiration..Thanks!
It was really different test. Bed ji I felt some word is missing above at no.7. thanks
सेक्रेट त त्यस्तै त्यस्तै हो नै, हाम्ले नि त्यस्तो सेक्रेट प्रयोग गरे हामी पनि त्यस्तै सफल हुन सकम्ला त ? अब त्यसै गरिन्छ । तर मोरो भाग्यमानी पनि हो ।
maile ni try garnu paryo Bill gates barabar nai nabhaye ni 5 percent samma matrai hun paye ta ramailo nai hunthyo ni

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