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Come Back @ Blogging #World

After long time, I'm come back to blogging world to write & post something on my blog. I hope that I will be continue to publish my regular posts as before. I wanna request to my blogger friends and my regular blog readers, 'don't forget to check out my posts and give me your suggestion and love as before'. But it is not easy to write and adjust picture and no option to justify; eg: Labels, pictures, hyperlink, alignment, Nepali language and so on for publish to post on blog by mobile.

(Wonderful sunset snap view from Kohabara : Janata Primary School - Kohabara - 5, where I was studied primary.)

(this is one kinds of transportation @ rural area of Nepal # it's tradition transport system)

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Yumesh Pulami

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Happy comeback with interesting articles! In fact, I did not notice you had gone away so far from the blogging world!
Welcome back !!!

We were missing you and hope you will be regular, despite of all the problems you mentioned :)
Dilip dai i'm trying to be regular.

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