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If you're involved on social networks like Facebook or Twitter, you may have come across a photo or two that looks like it had a very elegant vintage filter applied to it. In fact, you may have come across more than just one or two considering the fact that Instagram is one of the most popular mobile photo apps to download.
If you own an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, Instagram could be a great tool to help uncover your inner photography skills.

It’s a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your photos with friends and family.
Snap a picture, choose a filter to transform its look and feel, then post to Instagram. Share to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr too – it's as easy as pie. It's photo sharing, reinvented. It's improved translations for 25 languages on Instagram! You can now navigate Instagram in your native language—on both mobile devices and the web—making it easier for anyone around the world to sign up for an account.
Enjoying photos on Instagram may not require written language, but translating Instagram helps all users understand how to use the product by explaining concepts like: following, liking, hashtags, photo maps & locations. We use very few words in our product, but when we do they’re very important words to understand. By introducing 25 new and improved languages, we can welcome even more international users into the Instagram community!
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Supported Languages:

  • Afrikaans — Afrikaans
  • Chinese — 中文 & 台灣
  • Czech — Český
  • Danish — Dansk
  • Dutch — Nederlands
  • Finnish — Suomi
  • French — Français
  • German — Deutsch
  • Greek — Ελληνικά
  • Indonesian — Bahasa Indonesia
  • Italian — Italiano
  • Japanese — 日本語
  • Korean — 한국어
  • Malay — Bahasa Melayu
  • Norwegian — Norsk
  • Polish — Polski
  • Portuguese — Português
  • Russian — Русский
  • Spanish — Español
  • Swedish — Svenska
  • Tagalog — Filipino
  • Thai — ภาษาไทย
  • Turkish — Türkçe

iOS Version 3.4.1

In addition to 25 new and improved translations we’re introducing a beautiful new filter—Mayfair! This filter has a warm pink tone, subtle vignetting that brightens the center of the photograph, and a thin black border. Mayfair works great with evenly and well-lit scenes in conjunction with the  Lux feature.
Instagram will now recognize if you’ve enabled Facebook integration with iOS 6, allowing people to easily sign up for an account or quickly connect an existing Instagram account with Facebook. This means you’ll no longer be brought to the Facebook app or a web-view to connect your account. Read more about this new feature in our Help Center.
We’ve also included the following updates based on your feedback:
  • The ability to select photographs from an album other than the Camera Roll.
  • Photos taken utilizing the front-facing camera will no longer be mirrored.
  • Fixed the inaccurate display of the privacy toggle switch present in version 3.4.
  • Fixed a bug that affected photo sharing for certain locales present in version 3.4.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements surrounding camera performance.

Android Version 3.4

In addition to 25 new and improved translations and the new Mayfair filter, the latest version of Instagram for Android allows Facebook Page moderators to connect and share directly to a brand page.
Note: iOS version 3.4.1 fixes a bug found in version 3.4 that displayed an inaccurate privacy toggle switch. It also fixes a bug that affected photo sharing for certain locales. Please update to version 3.4.1, released today (21 December), to resolve these issues.

Instagram version 3.4.1 is available for download in Apple’s App Store and Instagram version 3.4 is available for Android users in Google Play!

Photo filters

Normal - No change
X-Pro II - Warm, saturated effect. Emphasis on yellow.
Earlybird - Faded, blurred, focuses on yellow and beige.
Lo-fi - Slightly blurred, with yellow and green saturated.
Sutro - Sepia effect. Emphasis on purple and yellow. Whole image made darker.
Toaster - High exposure. Some blurring.
Brannan - Low key. Focus on gray and green.
Willow - Black and white with some blend effect
Valencia - High contrast, slightly gray and brown.
Inkwell - Black and white filter with high contrast.
Walden - Washed-out color with a light blue overtone.
Hefe - Classic color with gold and yellow overtones
Nashville - A magenta-blue tint and a border. It is one of the most popularly used Instagram filters.
1977 - Somewhat pinkish overtone
Kelvin - Super saturated, retro photo with scratchy border. Formally called "Lord Kelvin"
Amaro - Lighter contrast. Focus on paler tones.
  • All effects are as of version 2.5.1 on iOS.[57]


Original author(s) Kevin Systrom, Mike Krieger (Burbn, Inc.)
Developer(s) Facebook Inc.
Initial release October 6, 2010; 2 years ago
Stable release Android
 (December 21, 2012; 0 days ago)[1]
 (December 21, 2012; 0 days ago)[2]
Development status Active
Operating system iOS 4.3 or later; Android 2.2 or later
Size 14 MB
Available in 9
Type Photo & Video
License Freeware
It's My Profile at instagram

Via : Google & Wikipedia & Instagram.

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