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Don't Expect a Check

The Facebook lawsuit may be real and Facebook may have settled, but this is not something that should lead the millions of people involved to expect any sort of compensation for their troubles.
A recent lawsuit against Facebook has led to a settlement that promises $10 checks to everyone who was affected by the conditions of the suit whose privacy was violated as a result of a recent action by Facebook. 

In Fraley vs. Facebook, the names and photographs of some of the users were used without consent in advertisements on a "Sponsored Sites" link. This was observed and a case was filed against Facebook. 

The case resulted in a settlement by Facebook for $20 million. Those affected by the incident and the case received an email telling them that they were eligible to receive roughly $10 for the case if they authorize their part on the site. 

This settlement is handed out from the remaining amount of money after attorneys' fees have been taken out for the trail. It is assumed that about $8 million will be taken out for this. 

The problem, though, was unexpected. Too many people may make claims to the settlement, and the amounts may be cut down severely and there will be no point to give anyone any money. 

If the settlements go down below $5 per person, the amount will not be given to the people. Instead, it will be given out to various not-for-profit groups dedicated to social media safety. 

The results of the case are able to be viewed at fraleyfacebooksettlement.com.

Via : iowacityowl.com & Photo: Google

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